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KEN PERRIER (OWNER) Position: Secretary/Treasurer/Estimator Responsible for complete take-off and preparation of bid proposals

Project Manager

Responsible for management of all aspects of projects revisions and change orders.

Design Build Leader

Responsible for co-ordination of the design build team the Staff
JIM HOLLINSWORTH (OWNER) Position: President Field Manager Responsible for the co-ordination and working execution of all sub trade and supplies on the job site.

General Superintendent

Responsible for overview of all company field personal
Sebastian Fuzzen: Project Manager/Estimator
Kendra Neimi: Payroll Clerk
Meet the Staff
Field Staff: Dwayne Prystay: Site Supervisor Dan Voss: Site Supervisor
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Office Staff:
Staff: Certified Carpenters Registered Apprentices Laborers Butler Certified Steel Erection, Wall Cladding and Standing Seam Roof Installation.
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